XI Neotropical Ornithological Conference
San José, Costa Rica

We are honored to organize the XI Neotropical Ornithological Conference to be held in San José, Costa Rica. After the first 10 Neotropical Conferences conducted in South America, this represents the first one in Central America. In addition, it will be joined with the VI Costa Rican Ornithological Conference.

The Neotropical region has the greatest bird species richness in the world, and in NOC2019, we want to highlight the importance of natural history, behavior, biogeography, and evolution as topics of research. If we want to preserve our birds, a solid scientific understanding of all of them is essential. Together we will share information about birds in the Neotropics, and how to study and conserve them in a better way.

The conference venue will be held at the Windham Herradura Hotel, located in a San José city suburbs. Near the hotel there are a variety of restaurants and lodging options and can be easily accessed via public transportation.

Costa Rica is a culturally open and friendly country, recognized for its efforts to contribute to natural habitat protection and conservation of its biodiversity. This small country protects about 6% of the world’s diversity, including 922 species of birds.

The National Parks and Reserves system protects 25% of the surface of the country. Costa Rica´s diversity is the result of a mix of several habitats including dry and rain forests, two oceans with an extensive maritime zone, high mountains, as well as its location resulting as a bridge between North and South America.

We are looking forward to have you join us to discuss birds research and conservation, as we honor our conference slogan: “Bird conservation and science across the Americas”. As birds move across international borders and between continents, humans need to come together to propose and impulse solutions to the challenges faced by both birds and people.

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Early Bird April 22 - June 30
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